Contest Entry for new YA Book

Answer the questions below to win an autographed copy of the 2015 paperback version which includes bonus short story:

Uncharted Storm FINALCopy the questions and instructions below for some holiday fun.

A winner in each age category.
14 to 19
20 to 35
36 to 40
41 to 55
Prime Time readers 55+

Fun Facts
Terra Beyond 2012

1. How old is Erica when her story begins?

2. Where was she when the ground began to quake?

3. Something fell on her there. Do you remember what it was?

4. What color was the Earth the last time Erica viewed it?

5. Who’s voice keeps Erica calm when she realizes where she is?

6. Do you remember the name of the new world where Erica ends up?

7. What is the name of the ambassador sent to greet them?

8. What do you think the ambassador really looks like?

9. Eric’s adventures are just beginning. What other strange aliens do you think she will encounter, and will they be friendly or present a danger?
10. Most of the passengers who arrived with Erica are in their early teens or younger. Do the aliens have a sinister reason for the young age of the new arrivals? Also, do you think that only Earth Children and animals were transported to the new world?

Questions 8 – 10 are fun questions. A chance for you to help shape Erica’s adventures and destiny. Use your imagination and picture yourself on the new world with Erica. What will you find there? Note: If I incorporate one of your ideas, I will credit you in the extended version of Erica’s tale and see that you receive a copy when it is finished.

Attach your numbered answers to an e-mail with your name and age group. Winners will be notified on Jan. 31, 2015 by e-mail and posted on this blog
Email: Entries to:

Go to the Smashwords link below, click on the Uncharted Storms title, and enter the code YN42D at checkout, for a 33% discount on the e-book, if you don’t already have it. Increase your chances to win the new print release by returning your entry before the code expiration date. Coupon code expires 1/25/15. Once you are finished at checkout you will be able to pick the download of your choice. You will also find instructions to gift the e-book to a friend or family member.

Book Trailers vs Teasers

A winter clip taken on the last lake effect snow that hit parts of Ohio’s snow belt and buried parts of the Buffalo area.

IMG_0526      This clip along with flood scenes and video clips of storm clouds are the visuals for the teaser that I am creating for the print release of “Uncharted Storms.”

The first interior draft of the book was presented to me by my new publisher last week and scheduled for release after the first of the year. Most of the elements for the visual part of the video are complete. My youngest daughter took some awesome footage of the clouds from the vantage point of a plane. Waiting to see what my nephew comes up with. I wanted some snow footage of city streets at night. He is the only one of us who lives in the city near Lake Erie.

      Okay, so now do I shoot for a book teaser, or a book trailer? Trailers are more complex and can run upwards from two to six minutes. I did a lot of research and watched oodles of book trailers before working with the producer of the trailer for “Fateful Waters.” We whittled it down quite a bit before it sang to me.

What I wanted to avoid was boring music and the attempt to tell the story on Youtube, which appeared to be major pitfalls to many of the trailers that I researched. After three minutes, I began to wonder if this was going to end soon. After five minutes, I had lost interest.
My attention span is a bit longer than the average video browser. If it couldn’t keep my interest why could a potential book reader be expected to sit through it? Worst of all the trailers that go on and on gave me the idea that the author probably wrote the same way, which isn’t necessarily true, but it is perception.

Being a hands on type I decided to try a short trailer for “Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition.” That went pretty well it is less than a minute and catchy. Will my target readers, animal lovers and horsemen ages eight and up, find it interesting enough to find out more about the book? (Sox’s Book Trailer: )
I liked the addition of the video clips in the Sox’s little trailer. So my youngest daughter helped me put together short teasers for books that were still in the works. The program on her laptop is much better than my older version. We added more video clips to the Wind River Refuge. It took several uploads to get this one.
The bugs out of the way and our learning curve improved, we created a teaser for “Cassandra: Night Shades.”

Back to the issue with Uncharted Storms. The collection of short stories was published as an e-book March of 2014, which calls for more of a trailer, but the new paperback has a bonus short story added and the teaser aspect comes into it. Also under consideration is a suggestion from a fellow author that adding a voice over is advisable. Back to research. I found some that were okay and others where the voice over was annoying.
At this point, you are probably asking yourself is it worth the time and effort to create a book video whether it is a teaser or a trailer? I honestly don’t know, but it is a marketing stone that can’t be left unturned. We learn as we go, and I will keep plugging away at it. Perhaps investing in a new software program will help me out.

OMG! More research.

  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot by Patrick Hatt

A Fun Read for the Young Adults on your gift list!

SBB_MaxBlizzardAndTheGemOfCamelot_BannerFollow the Rafflecopter link at the end of this post. Patrick will be awarding an Amazon gift card or $25 Paypal cash, winner’s choice to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

The tour link is also at the end of the post; check out the other blogs and comment often to increase your chances to win.


Max Blizzard was like any other drone living in Earth’s realm until the arrival of his eighth birthday. On that day his imagination awoke and Max started thinking for himself. He was an outcast the moment he let people know about his imagination. That moment also unknowingly set forth a chain of events years in the making. By having imagination, Max had given Sir Dreadvent exactly what he wanted, a way into Camelot’s realm.

Now Max and his friends, Trudesile and Lester, must complete the quest that Max’s father, Merlin, set out for him years ago. They must find the Gem of Camelot to defend the realm from Sir Dreadvent’s and his sevesties. Their perilous journey will take them from the shores of Merlinia and the ship of Davy Jones to the fields of Avalon, in the hope that they can save Camelot, save Earth and save all the lost realms that have been consumed by Sir Dreadvent and his sevesties on their quest to remake the universe.

A tale about where your imagination can lead if you choose to follow it, with creatures large and small joining Max Blizzard on his journey. King Arthur, Oberon, Hercules, Apollo and other heroes of imagination believed to be myth will become truth as Max and his friends face the trials ahead. Let your imagination lead the way to Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot.

Cover_Max_Blizzard  EXCERPT:

“Young Mr. Blizzard, the objective is simple. The first to extinguish the flame of the other’s Camelot Candle wins. You are only limited by your own imagination.” King Arthur knew Max got the rules as he watched him nod, and sat back down alongside Pemestra and Lempilightess.

“Arthur, do you think it is wise throwing the boy in the deep end so soon? Vlad has been at this for years.” Pemestra did not want to see Max hurt or his spirit broken in his first outing.

“Merlin constantly surprised me. Let’s see what the boy can really do.”

Max stared down Vlad, trying to ignore all the prying eyes that were upon him. He waited for the match to begin, listening for a bell or something, and watched as Vlad begin to concentrate, knowing that there was no bell and that match had begun.

“I’ll make sure your first loss isn’t too painful, runt.” Vlad grinned and gripped his Camelot Candle; a huge fan appeared out of nowhere in front of him and began to blow. Before Max could do anything, his flame had been put out.

“I think that was the easiest and quickest match in history.” Vlad threw his arms in the air and the crowd cheered while Max stared at his blown-out Camelot Candle.

“Don’t let him get to you, dearie. The boy needs to be taught a lesson in humility. Shake it off and come out fighting,” Bandaid whispered, while lighting Max’s Camelot Candle again and then running back to the sidelines.




“The name is Davy Jones and I’ve been the keeper of Merlinia and the entrance to Davy Jones’s Locker for many years at Merlin’s request.” Davy Jones bowed, hoping he would get some recognition from his name.

“Davy Jones? Wasn’t he a pirate who stole everything he could get his hands on? At least that is what the stories tell,” Bandaid questioned, looking to Arthur for verification.

“I see my name precedes me.”

Lempilightess! Pemestra! Take him!” King Arthur ordered, having heard the stories of Davy Jones and not trusting him whatsoever.

Lempilightess and Pemestra readied their Camelot Candles as Dregg stood between them and Davy Jones.

Dregg not let you take little blob man.” Dregg clenched his huge fist and readied for a fight.

“Now now. There is no need for a fight. What is it with everyone not wanting to trust me? First those three kids and now you. All I did was what Merlin told me to do.”

“Wait! Kids? You’ve seen Max, Trudesile and Lester?” Bandaid waved for Lempilightess and Pemestra to halt their attack.

“Yeah, I’ve seen the supposed high and mighty trio. I wasn’t sure they were any better than the heroes I locked up. But when they stopped Titania, I became a believer.”

“So the dearies are okay?”

“I let them in Davy Jones’s Locker, so they could…” Davy Jones took a few steps closer to Bandaid and King Arthur and lowered his voice to a whisper, “Go after the Gem of Camelot.”


Patrick Hatt can be found in the East Coast of Canada. He hates writing these things but doesn’t mind talking in the third person. He dabbles in a little of this and a little of that, not afraid to attempt something new.

He is owned by two cats, one of whom has his own blog, It’s Rhyme Time. Yeah a rhyming cat, who knew? He would be considered a both person when it comes to cats and dogs.

He is also quite the movie and TV buff. As you can probably tell does not take himself seriously and has more stuff in his head than is needed. Thus the novels as just one more form of release. Thanks for the visit and enjoy!


Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot

Max Blizzard and The Gem of Camelot

Buy from Amazon


Goddess Fish Tour Link:


A Rookie Deputy’s Halloween Report

ATT00004Tricks, Treats, Hauntings, and a long night of Crazies:

That is how rookie Deputy Candy Pumpkin of the Spector County Sheriff’s department started her report of the 2013 Halloween patrol.

Department budget cuts were the cause; the effect was that for the first time she was on patrol alone. Last year she rode along with a veteran of the department. Sargent Duncan Cookies was a bit wide around the belt area and his grey hair was a bit thin, but he had steely blue eyes and great reflexes. Candy was not yet thirty. Though, she stood eye to eye with her old partner she was reed thin with a big mop of curly orangish red hair that was difficult to subdue. Braid, pony tail, or bun some wild tendrils would always escape confinement. her eyes were a deep dark chocolate. She had empathy for most of the human world and every animal large or small. As for Duncan, his people skills weren’t exactly up to today’s media driven standards. He took early retirement the end of 2012 and never looked back.

Candy sighed as she worked on her report. She sure missed partnering with Duncan when she got behind the wheel of the beater of a cruiser that she’d been assigned. It was the rural areas of the county that the sheriff and his deputies patrolled. Most of the cities, towns, and a few of the more affluent townships had police departments responsible for maintaining the peace and making the streets and walks safe for trick or treaters as well as party goers.

When she’d started out that evening daylight was already fading. The first call she received involved some tween and older bullies snatching little goblins and princesses treats from their small hands. They were brazen and pulled off their heists under the watchful eyes of parents. The trio of candy snatchers was hitting the few developments that had sprung up recently in her patrol zone. She spotted the described small red SUV witnesses had provided entering a development of modest sized homes.
She blocked the escape of the vehicle and subsequently cuffed the driver. However, the other three made a huge mistake by targeting a pair of twin girls who belonged to a soldier home on leave with his canine partner. It was the easiest apprehension on record. The band of bullies all but ran to the safety of her patrol unit.

After dropping off the four offenders at the county lock up, Candy headed back to resume her assignment for the night. It was pitch dark on the country roads with only brief spotlight from the moon filtering through thick clouds. Trick or treat curfew was at 9pm and she only had an hour to go on that front. Her next call was to assist a township police officer on a drunk and disorderly at a private party.
That was a parents worst nightmare. What had started as a small private party for their teens and a few high school friends was tweeted several times. Uninvited guests from the cyber world began showing up with beer, harder alcohol, and the officers confiscated small quantities of drugs. Turns out it was the home owner who called the township police for assistance.
Candy was helping round up the most impaired of the group when her portable radio unit alerted her that she had an urgent call to deal with.
Candy figured she must have heard the message wrong. “Excuse me? Dispatch, will you please repeat that?”
“We have a report of a pair of ghosts over on County Road 20 just east of the Booker Road intersection. Several drivers have been so startled they nearly went off the road.”
Candy shook her head as she turned her vehicle in the directions. “Heads are going to roll she mumbled.” She was of the opinion that this was another prank by her male counter parts.

She drove the described section of road twice before she spotted any abnormal activity. An overhead light lit the drive of a long brick ranch house which sat back several hundred feet from the road. A van pulled up the drive and a load of kids disembarked with large plastic pumpkin carriers and decorated trick or treat bags. Then she saw the ghostly pair, who appeared to float in the darkness. The children were squealing with delight. As the pair of spooks passed beneath the light Candy broke into a fit of laughter. The human ghost was riding a black horse, the rider was wearing a white sheet and a black cowboy hat. The ghost rider was handing out treats from a pillow case attached to the saddle horn. The ghostly canine was wearing a skeletal doggie costume with bones that glowed in the dark.
Candy introduced herself and was invited around the back of the house for some cider and donuts. It seemed this horse farm was a regular stop for Sargent Duncan. The owners invited the local 4-H Clubs and Scout Troops that their children belonged to for a Trick or treat stop with a small party for parents and children. It was a tradition that was skipped last year because the daughter of the house was down with a terrible case of the flu. The influx of city folks in the area were the gawkers who reported ghosts to 911 where the call was routed to the Sheriff’s Office.

Things quieted down a bit after 10pm. with only a few incidents of pumpkins splattered on the roads, some TP reports, and a few calls of boys in the back of pick up trucks mooning folks in the developments. The elementary school principal stomped out a flaming bag of poo left on his front steps.
Candy was patrolling one last time before calling it a night around two in the morning. She slowed up and turned on the spotlight to identify movement in the road. “Crap!”
She called it in. “Dispatch, this is Deputy Pumpkin.” The woman actually laughed. Candy took a deep breath, counted to ten, and responded. “I need back up on County Road 115 near the Interstate overpass. There are about thirty head of Angus beef cattle in the middle of the road. I have blocked the southern end of the road about five hundred feet from the overpass. Some one needs to do the same at the north end.”
“Officer, it’s late and I’m tired of all these prank calls.”
She called her old partner, and after apologizing for the hour, she explained her dilemma. “The old witch just hung up on me!”
“Call the State Patrol. They may have an officer they can send over since the cattle are so close to the Interstate.”
“Will do. Thanks Duncan.”
“I’ll call in a few favors to see if we can add a few cattle wranglers to the mix. Hang tight kid. Help is on the way.”

Candy clicked enter and sent in her finished report. She rested her head over her desk on her crossed arms. Duncan had come through and then some, he was among the cattle herders that showed up. The State Patrol sent over two officers to assist in rerouting any traffic. They also made an arrest of two inebriated twenty something guys who had been using mail boxes for batting practice when they lost control of their Nova and crashed into the fence confining the cattle.

Well, she figured that she made it through Halloween night. If she could muster up some energy to go home to sleep, Halloween night 2014 should be a peace of cake. At least she won’t have to battle with the dispatcher witch from hell next year. She got on her broom and left after the Sheriff got an ear full from retired Sargent Duncan Cookies.

Invitation to a Children and YA Author Party 9/6/14 – 9/11/14

Young readers, parents, grandparents, and qualified authors. Please consider this as a personal invitation to join us.

Authors may respond to my account, which will allow me to send detailed information and access links to participants. Please check back on this blog late Friday or early Saturday when I will add the access link to this post.

Please feel free to invite others who cater to children and young adult readers. Beginning on Day 2 publishers, illustrators, editors, photographers, and book designers will be able to join in the promotion party.

I look forward to meeting many new authors and writers. Join in the fun. Make some new contacts, and hopefully snag some new fans.

Note: This is for family friendly material only. If your YA book contains drug use, elicit sex scenes, or foul language, save it for the October Adult Book Author’s Party. All you have to do is mention the October party in your e-mail response.


Carol Upton was a dear friend, my online publicist, and a friend to countless writers and authors. She is riding around in heaven now, but she is still here in our hearts. This author party is a way to give back and pay forward some of the kindness shown me by Carol and many others.

Saturday, September 6th update:

The children & YA Author Party event begins at the stroke of midnight, which begins Saturday September 6th. The event will run through 10:45 pm Eastern Time on Thursday September 11th. Each day will have new categories and players. Visit when you can during the six days to catch up on what’s new.

Here is the link to follow to the party:

Bella’s Disappearing Summer

Hello Everyone,

This has been a strange summer. I don’t mind the cool nights, but my humans have been closing my stall window a lot. Anna returned home from her winter digs the first of May. She arrived right in time for the epic flood. Check out my previous journal entry, for that story and photos. My point is that fences are still down on the far reaches of the farm.

My summer has been a crash course in, what my human mon calls, the basics. Oh yeah, take a took at the hair cut she gave me.

IMG_0405Doc told me that my long, thick, double mane would get tangled in the reins.

“What are reins?” I asked. Doc is the red colored guy at the back of our photo parade, and he wasn’t much help. He gave me a snort. then added “you’ll find out.”

I found out a few days later when sidelines were attached to the surcingle and snaffle bit that I had learned to wear.

IMG_0409  OMG! I got a little saddle strapped to my back last week. It was a small thing  and felt much like the surcingle. I didn’t have any problem with it, but Doc said it wasn’t a real saddle. “That English thing is a joke. Wait until you get your first western saddle.” I paid more attention to the saddle he wore over the next few days.  It sure looked huge compared to my first one. I hope that large saddle isn’t on my training agenda for a while.

 I have had the trot, canter, and whoa thing down for some time. Learning to walk on command  while working in my round pen was a bit harder. Now, my crazy human added the command to jog!

IMG_0423This is my human mom and dad attaching my side lines.

Everyone knows that Haflingers trot big, but I try to humor her. She seems happy with my efforts, and calls me a good girl. I like to be called a good girl, and enjoy all the attention. Here is a peek at my new jog gait.

  My workouts are usually pretty quiet, but yesterday our place was alive with other people. The children were running around outside my round pen, and their mom was hanging over the gate pointing the camera at me. I hope she got my good side. I was briefly distracted by all the commotion, but got right back to focusing on my lesson. IMG_0436I was feeling proud of my efforts. Then Doc told me, “This is only  the beginning.” I’m not sure whet he meant, or what is in store for me next. I will tell you what happens in my next journal.

Bye for now.


Note Smaller updates, and photo albums of Bella’s progress appear on the Backyard Horse Tales Facebook fan page.

Smashwords E-Book Summer/Winter Sale Promotion! July 1 – 31, 2014

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Uncharted Storm FINALUncharted Storms is Free.

Weather is our constant companion, and when it behaves like a benevolent parent we pay little attention to it. Angry or out of control it becomes terrifying and can change the landscape as well as lives. So I asked my characters to take a ride on the wild side ofweather. “Uncharted Storms” takes readers on a journey from a gentle summer rain to raging storms in the cosmos. (YA – Adult)

New Frosty Cover 2
  Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker 50% off

 This multiple award-winning tale is just the ticket for traveling or a rainy day journey through history. Mom’s Choice Award winner in Juvenile Historical Fiction (9-12). A good adult read too!

Frosty is an Appaloosa colt who undergoes a life-changing experience. Is he only having bad dreams, or is his strange haunting a result of the collective memories of Appaloosas from a long ago past? Follow Frosty through the twilight between space and time where you will meet the Nightstalker.

Sox cover with seal MCA 1
Preview of Backyard Horse Tales: Sox is Free.

This e-book preview is Free on Smashwords only, on a day to day basis. Sox’s second edition won the MCA for Family Friendly Media. Written for readers age 8 and up. Sox’s oldest fan is a young 93 years old. Parents and Grandparents tell me they read this tale to pre-school children who follow along with the illustrations. The first four chapters of Sox and Emma’s friendship, adventures, challenges, and triumphs are presented in this preview.

Adult E-books:
Wind River Refuge at 50% thru July
Fateful Waters is also at a 50% Reduction

Adult books are featured on my A to Z Reviews Blog. The link is on the right of this page.


2014 Weather Woes!

        It has been a long cold winter, and I have been home alone with just my human family forcompany. My name is Bella. I am three years old now, and my lessons were put on hold over the brutal winter months. I spent most of my time in the front paddock where I futilely dug through snow drifts looking for some grass to munch.

Spring finally arrived, WHOOPY! Grass started to sprout, but winter kept making comebacks. Anna returned home from her winter digs at the boarding stable on May first. I finally had some company. We were turned out together in the front paddock, and our human mom chased us around. We ran, bucked and had a good time pretending to be intimidated by the long whip that she waved at us. Then we were moved out to the back pasture where the grass was up to my ankles. My story should be all sunny and bright from here, right?
Not so fast, folks. Here is a bit of show and tell. I was sleeping when I felt water coming in my stall! It kept rising, and I was afraid that I would have to start hollering for a lifejacket. The water rose up to Anna’s knees. Since I’m a bit shorter, it was quickly reaching my tummy!




As soon as the water vacated the front paddock, our humans put us out while they worked on our flooded stalls. Once more Anna and I were restricted to the front paddock, it was the only one standing. This was what our work arena looked like for most of that day, and the other pastures too! IMG_0365

It is nearly 5 weeks since the scary water paid us a visit. Our barn is again clean and free of mud. Our humans first task was digging out my colt pen. It like all the side fences was buried under all kinds of strange, smelly, mud and debris. Take a look at the stuff on the fence.

We now have half of the back pasture and the side one open to us. The front is off limits, for now. I watched my humans sprinkle what looked like grain on the ground, a couple of weeks back. Now the front is getting real green, and I drool looking at it from my stall window.
Doc came home a couple of weeks ago, but my humans are into separating us so that my training can begin again. There is an update on the Backyard Horse fan page about my progress.
I will leave you with a couple of more photos. This is me last summer running around my colt pen. Jackie, my human mom, says that I am a right handed horse. Whatever that means? She is determined that I should be equally skilled to the left.

IMG_0204                        IMG_0210









Check out my new look! Jackie gave me the cover photo for the Backyard Horse Tales Fan Page.
I’ll be back to visit with you, in a couple of weeks.

Bye for now.

An Interview with Megan Cyrulewski

Hello Megan,

I am delighted that you’ve opted  to take part in my blog. It is always a bright moment in my day when I can introduce a new author to our readers.


JA: Please tell us a little about yourself and how you became a writer?

M: I have always wanted to write but never thought I would be able to break into this industry. I finally took a chance and submitted my work. After 33 rejection letters, I was offered a contract. My book should release this summer!

JA: Would you share with our followers the inspiration behind your book?

M: About three years ago, I was going through a really crazy period in my life. People told me that I needed to write a book, so I did.

JA: Is this your chosen genre, and are you considering others?

M: Hopefully, this will be the only time I write a memoir! I am actually working on my second book, a legal thriller.

JA: Do you have other published works?

A: I have, but they were legal briefs for the government so I had to sign a confidentiality agreement. (Real exciting stuff, I know.)

JA: It was writing experience at best, too bad we can’t brag about it.

JA: Tell us about your experience with your publisher.

M: Black Opal Books is my publisher. They are located on the west coast. I have had nothing but a positive experience with them. My fellow BOB authors welcomed me with open arms. It’s a really great publishing company and I’m so thankful they took a chance on me. You can find them at

JA: Illustrations or photos for covers are so important to successful marketing. Do you use an illustrator or photographer for your book(s)? If so do you always use the same one, or do you shop around?

M: I can’t show my book cover yet, but I used an extremely talented photographer to capture the perfect image. Her name is Ksenija Savic and you can find her work at:

JA: Megan, are you doing much marketing for your book and for yourself as a brand?

M: You know, someone asked me once why I market myself when I have a publisher. My answer is, why not? My book is being edited right now so why not take advantage of this time and make connections? I’m having a blast meeting new authors, buying new books and interviewing authors for my blog.

JA: Do you spend much time in research, or do you write from experience?

M: A little of both. When I was in law school, I learned that there are exceptions to every rule of law. So for my legal thriller, I’ve used the exceptions as my plot.

JA: What Point of view do you feel most comfortable with, first person or third?

M: Obviously my memoir is the first person, but I feel more comfortable writing in the third person.

JA: How do you feel about all of the share your work offers on the web?

M: I really don’t like sharing my work with anyone except my publishing company. I shared a little bit of my work with a guy I just started dating. He ripped it to shreds. After he crushed my ego, he then told me that he hatedfiction and hated John Grisham. Good thing he told me that after I let him read a snippet of my fiction legal thriller. (Let’s just say there was never a second date.)

JA: He sounds like a real jerk that you are well rid of.


JA: Megan please list your links so our readers can find you.

M: I created my own website:





JA: What kind of future do you see for writers and struggling authors?

M: I really think self-publishing is on its way up. I’ve met a lot of self-published authors who are happy to market themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I love my publisher but I’m also glad that self-publishing is gaining more acceptance. There is a lot of talent that agents and/or publishing companies reject because I don’t think a simple query letter is a good representation of someone’s work.

100_0024 Author Bio:

Megan Cyrulewski has been writing short stories ever since she was ten-years-old.  After attending Grand Valley State University, Megan eventually settled into a career in the non-profit sector for eight years.  She decided to change careers and went back to school to get her law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  While in school, she documented her divorce, child custody battle and postpartum depression struggles in her memoir, Who Am I?, which is slated to be published in 2014 by Black Opal Books.  Megan lives in Michigan with her 3-year-old daughter who loves to dance, run, read, and snuggle time with Mommy.  Megan also enjoys her volunteer work with Troy Youth Assistance, a non-profit that works with youth in Troy, Michigan.

Thank you, Megan, for taking time from your blog and writing to participate in my writing blog.

I wish you all the best with your book and future projects. 


An Introduction to Uncharted Storms By Jackie Anton

The birth of Jackie’s first YA book.

         What did you do duringwinter storm Vulcan? I hunkered down to finish the final story of this collection. My editor fast-forwarded the manuscripts of the stories back to me for final revision. Off  it went to the talented lady who does my e-book formatting for me, and it went live on Smashwords and Amazon March 15, 2014.

         I have to thank Judy at Goddess Fish for the cover design, and getting it to me before my self imposed deadline.

         Why the deadline of the Ides of March you may ask. Everything is a matter of timing. Again this year I will be signing books at the Valley Tack Shop’s Annual Midnight Sale on March 21st.  Horsemen from all over Northeastern Ohio flock to this event. The kind folks who own and manage this huge western store were the first to put my Backyard Horse Tales book(s) on their shelves. They have been well received by the equine community, and I wanted to do something special to say thanks to all my supporters.

         Uncharted Storms: Short Stories of Hearts at Risk will be offered to the purchasers of any one of my books as a free download. This offer will be extended to readers who purchase one of my books on the new Author’s Den Signed Book Store. To participate in this onetime offer, which will expire at midnight ET on April 15, 2014.


            Weather is our constant companion, and when it behaves like a benevolent parent we pay little attention to it. Angry or out of control it becomes terrifying and can change the landscape as well as lives. So I asked my characters to take a ride on the wild side ofweather. “Uncharted Storms” takes readers on a journey from a gentle summer rain to raging storms in the cosmos.

 Uncharted Storm FINALIntroduction Page:

            Three young women are catapulted via foul weather, and perhaps fate, into bizarre circumstances.

            Eleven-year-old Erica is sure the world will end in 2012, but it is eleven years later that her world is upended in the science fiction story Terra Beyond 2012.

           At eighteen, Annie is working her way through college. An extended shift at the diner where she works is responsible for her being caught in near blizzard conditions. Annie is hit from behind and sent sprawling into a pile of snow. Her night only gets more terrifying from there. A Tumble in the Snow is based on a larger work, which was my November 2013 National Novel Writing Month entry, and is still in the creative process.

            Chris is taking a break after completing her associate degree to travel the winter horse show circuit. She is on her way home with her best friend when she is injured in a traffic accident. The early spring storm, which is responsible for the devastation, catapults her and her friend on a journey back through time. Follow this pair through the storm and its aftermath in Riding Lightning.

             Rounding out the collection are two slightly modified excerpts from my published works authored as J. M. Anton, which is the pseudonym used for my adult novels.

             Flashflood Texas Style is an excerpt from Fateful Waters. The adult novel “Fateful Waters” was published in 2012.

             Casey’s weather tale involves a late night encounter in a steamy summer rain.      A Rainy Night is an excerpt from the pages of Cassandra: Night Shades.

            To purchase an autographed book follow this link to my Author’s Den  click on the book of your choice and follow the link to the Signed Books. All books are discounted at this store to offset shipping. Neither B&N or Amazon can match this, or deliver readers an autographed book.

 Jackie Anton author photoAbout the Author 

            Jackie Anton is an accomplished equestrian, with a life time of experience: as trainer, exhibitor, 4-H and youth club coach, as well as a horse show judge, the author brings many years of experience working with horses and young riders to her award winning Backyard Horse Tales Series:

           Uncharted Storms:  Short stories are aimed at the Young Adult and older reader. Look for more short tales in the future.

          Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition Brings to light the mutual love between a handicapped colt and a lonely child with a learning disability. Find out how this pair team up to triumph over life’s roadblocks, and why their story won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence for Family Friendly Media. (Reading level age 8 thru Adult)

          BYHT 2 “Frosty and the Nightstalker” was one of four finalists in the E-Book Fiction category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, then the paperback went on to earn the Mom’s Choice Award for Juvenile Historical Fiction.

            Jackie is hard at work on BYHT 3 Don’t Call Me Love. You can catch a peek at her beautiful cover on the Backyard Horse Tales Face Book Fan Page: :

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