Interview with Nancy A. Kaiser

J:  Welcome to May’s focus on horse and equine book authors, Nancy. Please tell us a little about yourself.  

NK:  I’m a pharmacist-turned-animal communicator, healer, and award-winning author. I grew up in New Jersey with a love of all animals, but especially horses. I got my first horse at age 13, and have had one or more ever since. I showed hunter/jumpers through college. I graduated from Rutgers College of Pharmacy and practiced in my family’s Rexall drug store for several years until I married my horse vet and left to manage our equine hospital and breeding farm in central New Jersey.

J: I understand that that is where your inspiration to begin writing began.

NK: I was inspired to write my first book, Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation by my friends after I shared portions of a personal journal with them. I began journaling after we moved from our horse farm in central New Jersey to the mountains of North Carolina. Six weeks into construction of our retirement home, my husband walked out. I found myself 600 miles from everyone I knew without a home or a job.

I began journaling in order to learn how and why I was living alone in the mountains with my dogs, cats, and horse. My friends felt I needed to turn my journal into a book to help others, who were facing traumatic life challenges to learn from their struggles more quickly & easily. Once our lessons are learned, we can let go of our pain and move forward with grace. Letting Go was published in June 08.

J: That took a lot of courage, Nancy. Do you write in more than one genre?

NK: My books are basically memoirs combined with other categories. I write what I live, so I haven’t considered any other genre at this point in my writing career.

 J: Are there other published works that you would like to share with us?

NK: Writing my journal healed me from the worst time in my life and allowed me to write the book I always knew I’d write one day. Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers, the first in a series, was released in October 2011. It shares the lives and lessons of the filly foal who taught me I was supposed to be an animal communicator and healer as well as my personal animals.

I believe Tales will broaden people’s perspectives on the significance of their animals in their lives while helping them develop more meaningful relationships with not only their animals, but all animals.

I’ve created a companion CD or MP3 download called Gifts From the Universe, which contains two releasing exercises that form the last chapter of Tales. These processes are extremely effective in helping us embrace the intense level of change that is occurring at this time.

The next in this series will be Tales of an Animal Communicator – Being a Clear Voice. It will chronicle all the lessons learned from my clients’ animals over the past almost 20 years.

 J: It has come to my attention that you donate much of the proceeds from your book. Would you like to share that with our other horse lovers?

NK: A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Tales and its companion CD will be donated to my local Humane Society, Noah’s Wish, and The Wild Horse Sanctuary in California.

 J: Nancy, share some of you other writing accomplishments, and links for some of your works.

NK: I’ve written numerous articles for online sites and e-zines. For over a year, I wrote a weekly column, Animal Insights, for, which I stopped in October 2010 to begin writing Tales. Animal Insights is no longer available online. I write a monthly column, Horse Tales & Teachers, for StableWoman at: I also contribute monthly articles to The Enchanted Forest Magazine.

 You can find links to previous radio and print interviews, articles, and columns on my Website under Resources then Interviews & Articles & Columns, Oh My!

 J: Who was your greatest Master Teacher?

NK: To pick one out of all the amazing animals that have shared their lives with me is incredibly difficult. I simply can’t. I have two that have touched my life in profound ways.

The first is the Quarter Horse filly foal, Because Of Love, who showed me what my life’s purpose was. Love’s story begins Tales because without her I may never have discovered my true path as an animal communicator and healer. Although she only lived for four short months, Love changed my life forever. I will never be able to thank her enough. Love’s soul has actually been waiting since 1993 for her story to be told.

The second is my dear mare, Squiggles, who was born in 1985. Squiggles stayed with me for 17 years and not only taught me more than most, but she also gave me three colts, who became master teachers for me as well. Prior to my uncovering my communication skills, Squiggles almost died three separate times. Each time, I learned significant lessons about her will to live and strong determination. Squiggles’ and her colts’ lives are chronicled throughout Tales. I have a beautiful painting of her and her second colt, Randy, that hangs next to my bed. I look in those eyes every day and feel grateful that they chose me to be their person.

J: Have you won any recognition or awards that you would like to share?

NK: Letting Go won the 2009 High Country Writers Memoir Book of the Year Award.

I received the Kaiser/Coe Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Journalism for my article, Life Lesson from Labradors, in the Dec/Jan 11 issue of Animal Wellness Magazine.

 Tales just received the 2011 High Country Writers Memoir Book of the Year Award.

 J: Are your books available in print, e-book, or both?  

NK: Although I haven’t made the switch to digital reading myself, many people have. So, both books are available in print and digitally. Personalized print copies of both books are available on my Website.

For Letting Go: For Tales:

For CD:

For MP3:

Purchasing Tales and its companion CD or MP3 download, Gifts From the Universe, directly from me allows the largest donation to the three animal charities.

Links for Letting Go as an eBook:


Barnes & Noble:


 Links for Tales as an eBook:


Barnes & Noble:


 J: Do you use an illustrator for your book(s)? If so do you always use the same one, or do you shop around?

NK: My vision for the cover of Letting Go came to life when I tried to move a swallowtail butterfly out of the way of my car. The butterfly sat in my hand motionless. She/he created an “aha” moment! I was looking at the concept for my cover. I thanked the butterfly as I gently rushed into the house for my camera. The butterfly never moved. I couldn’t believe it. I took as many pictures as I felt necessary and then placed the butterfly off to the side of my driveway. The publisher of Letting Go put me together with the most gifted book designer, Janet Aiossa of Adam Hill Design in Florida. Janet took my vision and the photos that I sent and created a cover that was beyond my vision. It took about four emails to finalize Letting Go’s cover.

I decided to publish Tales myself, so I created Aronya Publishing and contacted Janet to do the cover and book design. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to help me, because I knew I needed an illustrator. I had saved an inside cover of a National Geographic from the early 90s although I had no idea why until I began thinking about a cover for Tales.

Once again, Janet created the perfect cover. This cover took a little longer to create due to the complexity of it. Since Tales features my personal animals, I wanted the cover illustration to be personal as well. I sent Janet photos of my hand; my Black Lab, Saba’s, paw; my cat, Crystal’s, paw; and my horse, Stormy’s, leg and hoof. Janet combined them with three wild ones who I’ve communicated with often; a red-tailed hawk, a white-tailed deer, and a Hawaiian spinner dolphin.

I wouldn’t even consider working with another designer. Janet and I work so well together. She possesses a remarkable gift for bringing my vision into physical reality. Working with Janet is the easiest part of writing and publishing a book.

J: How much of the marketing do you do for your book(s), and for yourself as a brand?

NK: I do all the marketing, which is a real challenge for me. I just don’t possess a marketer’s personality. I am very passionate about what I do. I am totally committed to healing the human-animal bond and sharing the animals’ lessons. I believe the people and animals I’m equipped to help will find their way to me. I believe the same for my books – those who can benefit from the messages they offer will get them into their hands.

 J: What marketing techniques have you used to sell your books and which ones have been most successful?

NK: I’ve attended book-signing events with my local writers group. I’ve sold books at a couple of stores in town as well. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time online creating a “presence” for my communication and healing work and my books. The most success I had was at a Grand Opening Celebration for my local Humane Society’s new complex. Giving an hour presentation about communication and healing at a client’s pet store was the next most successful technique.

Learning from my past experiences has taught me that I need to concentrate on my target market. By offering a short presentation, the passion for my life with the animals will sell books. I am convinced of that. Personally, I need to create positive selling experiences or my disappointment creeps in.

J: Are there any writing-related websites that you have found useful?  

NK: Jerry Simmons’ Website, WritersReaders, offers a tremendous amount of information regarding publishing and marketing from someone whose background is extensive. Jerry generously shares his knowledge with everyone.

Joanna Penn’s, The Creative Penn, offers lots of excellent writing, publishing, and marketing advice.

 J: Are you on any forums or networking sites? Do you find them helpful?  

NK: I have joined numerous social networking sites to promote my work and my books. I have to go on faith that the time spent on these sites is beneficial for me. When I get checks from sales in the UK of my books, I take that as a sign from the Universe that I should continue my efforts. But, it is incredibly time-consuming. I have had new clients tell me they saw me online as well. But, most of my clients come from referrals from other clients.

J: Please list some for our readers.

NK: My online presence: Facebook personal page –

FB fan page –

Twitter –

LinkedIn – –

Book Marketing –

Goodreads –

Healing International –

The Independent Author Network –

The Indie Writer’s Network –

Red Room –

National Association of Women on the Rise –

 J: Nancy thank you, for taking time from your writing to participate in this blog.  I wish you all the best with your book and future projects.



Excerpt by Nancy Kaiser

 Love came to teach people. In order to do this, she needed physical limitations to attract us to her. When her mission was nearing completion, Love’s soul created severe conditions that would allow her to return to Spirit. Once her soul released from her body, the energies causing her scoliosis and severe diarrhea departed, leaving the physical form undamaged. It would take many more teachers creating sudden and unexpected life-threatening illness to allow them to return Home, before I totally embraced their powerful lesson.

Five nights after Love’s transition, I felt an incredible, buzzing energy as I began to meditate, more than ever before. Love, is that you? Are you with me? Yes. How are you feeling? Rested now, much better. I told her how much everyone missed her and loved her. I know. Love, I want to write a story about you; would that be okay? Yes, you’re supposed to, so many more people will learn. What’s the single most important lesson you want them to learn? Take action through Love. If they keep love as the basis for their decisions in life, everything in life will work for them. People need to let their hearts guide them for the good of all creatures, both human and non-human.

The effect that Love’s presence had on my life was nothing short of remarkable. Because of Love, I discovered my life’s purpose, acknowledging that communicating with animals was absolutely what I was meant to do.”


About the Author

 Nancy A. Kaiser is a pharmacist-turned-animal communicator, healer, and award-winning author. She is located in the healing Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her family of two Labs and a Swedish Warmblood horse. Nancy married her horse vet and left pharmacy to manage their equine hospital and breeding farm in central New Jersey for 27 years. Nancy operates Just Ask Communications, which is committed to healing the human-animal bond through enhanced communication and understanding. She combines her communication skills with various healing modalities providing not only understanding but solutions to her clients’ challenges oft-times resulting in healing for the people as well. She is devoted to bridging the chasm that has been created between species while increasing respect for all our relations. Nancy works by phone, email, Skype, or in-person. Contact Nancy at She’s waiting to help you enhance your relationships with your animals.


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